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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

going 4 months :D ! alhamdulillahhh :D

lameeee gleee xhupdate! bianeee..xde mase... :'( nway, lets not go emo bout it cuz im sooooo happy got to see our baby junior yesterday :D! Alhamdulillaahhhh :D!!

Earlier, i've set an appointment (online g2~ mantap aaa) with my Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian. Dr. Seri sgt laa baik orgnyee :D beshhh :D! So yesterday, I had my very first antenatal check-up accompanied by dearest shayamm :D

lemme introduce my O&G...
Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian
MBBS (UM), Masters O & G (UKM), Urogynaecology Clinical Research Fellow (Sheffield)

....and of koshhh our junior, insyaALLAH :D

seeeeee, nmpak x our baby :D? shomeellllll kaammm :D

the baby sooooo active! jumping here n there :D! xberhenti2 :D The doctor oso said da baby happy 2 c us cuz active sgt2 :D alhmdlhhhhhh, happyyyyy to seeee the baby healthy and growing normal as he/she supposed to :D Dr. Seri ukur tinggi n berat die n she said, alhamdulillah, baby awk sihat :D sempat menjeling kat hubby n he's sooo happy tooo :D ble nampak his eyes bersinar2 ms scan baby :D

so our next appointment, 29th August, same place :D and yes, pls remind me to bring along CD ya cuz nak save video n heart beat baby :D cooolll ritee :D ? till then, wait yaa :D

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

alhamdulillah, 5yrs of our love :D

Alhamdulillah, syukur ke hadrat Ilahi, kerana dengan limpah kurnia & izin-NYA, cinta kami masih teguh stlh 5thn mngharungi pelbagai manis masen spjg bsame. namun kami tetap nak bsm kerana kami yakin dgn CINTA KAMI :D fullamak ayatt~~ ;p stop it faeeza! nonethless, that's what i feel after few years with my ONLY LOVE :D

lets go back to the day when hubby propose me as HIS WIFE :D (his wife okai, not try2 utk jd girlfren ;p)

hubby proposed me on 6th July 2004 and its only words as our promise. it was raining that nite and i was alone in my room when he called me up for that proposal. (cik sue g mn ntah mlm 2 ;p ). stammer??of kosss laaa.(ms 2 1st yr okai n ade senpai ni pulak propose nk suh jd wife diee! dh la xknl sgt! cemane 2?!). but ges wat, i've no idea whr's da courage came from n i said I DO :D ! (gilakkk knnn).

Yeah, Puan Sarah is right when she said we will know who is da right person for us by heart n of kos dgn izin-NYA jua la hati ni tergerak utk say YES :D he did call my mum n asked for persmission. later he bought me Al-Furqan n he said, let it be our guidance throughtout these relationship. we hardly see n talk 2 each other sbb ms 2 hubby rakan masjid n one of ketua lujnah. few yrs sorok2 frm teman2 den ms dh msk 3rd yr 2 br la di ketahui sluruh alam :D ngeh2. ohhh, terlalu byk nk di ceritakan but that is da most important chapter in our relationship :D

so back to wat hapen yesterday, i seriously thought hubby forgot about it cuz he's not even wish me early morning n i said, "xpee, tgu smpai mlm ni.kalo hubby xwish ape2 mmg nk majuk btl2 la mlm ni." so on da way 2 ofice yesterday i kep silent la (majuk la katekn ;p) n hubby noticed but i said "nuthin". as always, smpai ofis, routine work la kn. got a meting dat morning n around 11++ sum1 called me n told me i got a delivery. dah terkejut da dat time tp xle nk agk lg.i was suprised dpt mungeeee!!! its fresh pimk roses n bear :D!!!! from....dearest hubby :D! gilakkk aaa terkejut den.ngeh2. instantly sms hubby n inform him i got da flower n thanks 4 making my dayyyyyy :D! huuu, sebak2~ ;p

20 pimk roses. shanteeekkk & wangiiiii~~~ :D hamkiuu shayamm :D!


dat nite we went for a dinner, at Halia restaurant in Sime Darby Convention Center :D they served chicken breast wrapped in beef bacon, spicy chicken wings, oriental lamb leg, honey glazed meat loaf, thuringer sausage etc. my favourite was the chicken wings n had a nice kick to them as you could taste the spicy chilli. da black pepper sauce was SUPERB :D! we had Churrasco Brasileno (BBQ Skewer Buffet) and we chop til we drop ;p apart from that, they served ikan bakar too :D ikan kembung, ikan pari n ikan salmon :D byk lagi la nk list down so mari tgk gmbr je ;p

yummyyy~~~~ :D

da salad
cakessssss n choc~~~ :Ddessert

end of da nite but OUR LOVE stil continue da journey :D Ya ALLAH, aku pohon agar cinta kami kekal dunia akhirat dan hanya kerana-MU kami berserah, amiinnn :D

Sunday, July 5, 2009

frens weding ;)

i kep my promise kaan2 ;p hehe. 1st weding was Iera & Yat @ Batu Gajah. Their Ijab Qabul on 29th May 2009 but their reception was on da day after. departd from KL on 29th and we stayd a nite @ Sunway Inn (dats y we reached Tambun early morning cuz it took 5min je frm Sunway Inn 2 tambun ;p). lps mandi manda kat tambun 2, we headed 2 rumah pengantin. sedang elok smpai, kelepak2 kelepung kompang bbny (mcm sambut ktorg lak ;p) mnandakn ketibaan belah laki. hapyyy got 2 see Iera on her weding ;)! she's pretty ;)! den jmpe gang2 osmet n utpians len2.besh ;)!!

Congratz Iera & Yat

quickly finish up our fud, proceed 2 KL for Ina & Azizi's reception pulak @ taman tasik shah alam. heeee. n yup, she's pretty tooo ;)! sume pengantin shoman kan2 ;)! unfortunately, we arrived a bit late n sume mknn dh hbs n diorg tgh kms2 dh (dats a bad thin bout catering kt KL.pukul 4 hbs, pkl 4 la ttp kedai.unlike in kelate, mlm2 pn ade org dtg lagi, esknye pn ade lg.ngeh2)

Congratz Ina & Azizi
(xsempat bgmbr ngan gnti gmbr ni la ;p)

folowing wek, on 6th June, went to Kak Shima & Abg. Afeeq's aqad @ segambut. lps 2 kami truz berlepas ke pontian johor lak for Kak Zaza & Abg Lan's aqad (otw 2 la kami singgah pedas wet world ;p) bermalam @ umah mertua dat nite den esoknye pagi2 kami ber tolak ke KL for Kak Shima's & Abg Afeeq's reception.gagaga~ n of kosss, Kak Shima pun shanteek ;)!

Congratz Kak Shima & Abg Afeeq

Congratz Kak Zaza & Abg Lan

dh brp weding dh so far?4 rite?haaa.4 dh setel.den last one, my dearest naimian fwens, Fatin & Syed had their most beautiful moment in their life on 4th July 2009 ;) Ijab qabul on dat morning @ masjid telipot, Kota Bharu. n Fatin sooooo shomannnn as well ;)! we flew on 4th frm KL den came back on 5th july! such short trip n sgt2 xpuas lg kat umah ;'(

Congratz Fatin & Syed

Subang Airport

we went 2 pantai sri tujuh smbil mkn kopok, udang, fishbal, air nyor n etak ;)! lucuuu tgk hubby 1st time mkn etak n he lovessss it soo muccc! sedap he said ;) later dat nite we went 2 korean style restaurant n had chim-chum (to cik yong xi, u shud try tis ;p) its like sea-fud style la.hehe. next day blk KL. xtahan sebak, i've ben crying al da way from KB 2 KL. smpai KL pn stil lg tringt kat mama, my irreplaceable huggies ;'(


mkn etak ;p

pntai sri tujuh ;)

chim chum ;)!

hubby: shh, jgn nangis syg...nnt kite blk lg neh? (hugging n holding hands)
honey: hubby xtpu kn..kite blk lg kn...?(smbil tgk hubby dgn mate yg bgkak n bsh...:'( ) hubby: yeee, wat pe nk month kite blk lg neh..

realizing next month blk lg, make me fel better ;) heee.mcm bdk2.yesh i am ;p!kangennn sama bundaaaaa ;D!!!

to all newly wed, CONGRATULATIONS, welcome 2 da club and selamat menempuh alam yg penuh KEBAHAGIAAN ;) my advice, pray hard, tolarate n do everythin together, insyaALLAH bahagia dunia akhirat ;) dun listen 2 ppl whn they said kawen ni ssh, byk dugaan, ssh nk blk kg etc. do create ur own great moment-stories n be happy wif ur life cuz ALLAH has put u da way u shud ;) be positive n treasure da moment ;)!! alhamdulillah, i do treasure every moment spent wif my dearest hubby ;)!

p/s: sorry to few couples cuz kami xsempat g weding korg ;(