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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

selamat ulang tahun, shayam :D !

ALLAH selamatkan kamuuu...ALLAH selamatkan kamuuu...ALLAH selamatkan Abe shayam...ALLAH selamatkan kamuuu... :D Alhmdlh, today is hubby's birthday :D !!
Anddd, he got his suprises oredi last nite :D! gagaggaa. smlm i did mini-love-hunt for hubby :D let him cr hadiah ble senang2 jee dpt hadiah haaa. hehe. to hide da hadiah kemain susah. need to ask him to go out n buy sumthin. otherws kantoi laa.heee.

but before you continue to read....

Warning: sila abaikan page ini jika anda tidak merasakn cinta ;p

So herein rules of Love Journey before he begins:
1. Recite Bismillah three times :D

2. Pls get urself in red shirt and kain batik of mine. Ohh yess, kopiah as well :D

3. Bring along the camera (provided) and snap every clues as a proof :D

4. Pls write love notes to ur wife for every next stop :D

Let's see the clues:
Note: Location and clues meaning tidak di beri yeee.

1. Amalan Surah-surah harian: (12+12/ SQRT100) -50 +109.4-0.8
Location: Study room
This clue tells him to find a book "Amalan surah2 harian" and turn to page 61

2. Eve...Eve...Eeevee.....
Location: Living room
Line of dialog in "Wall E". Pls find "Wall E" cd.

3. Energy Receive Energy Return
Location: Kitchen

4. Merah Pill Rendah
Location: Bedroom
Translate to english: "Red pillow ;p".

5. Tuuuuuuuuuutttttt (opss, sorry, x ble disclose ;p)

Haha. above all, clue no.3 was da fastest yg hubby resolved!. (dasar org PETRONAS ;p hahaha.ampooon shayam). Took 30min for him to find his treasure.gagagaga~

Now let the pic do da talking plak ;p

heeeeeeeee~~ (Dini, its Portable GPS Navigator Garmin Nuvi 205 :D)

Heee. hope u lyke it~ (i kno u do! kalo x, xkn smpai melompat2 kam ;p)

ohh the love notes??? wont post it here ;p biarlah rahsia~~

Anddd his suprise
tis morning, bangun2 je dh ade org wat bfast dh haaa. Tamkiuuuuuuu :D!!! ni la air tangam org laki.hahaha! ok la tew~~ ;p

cinta.... ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

demam x kebah lg..

warning: tis entry is not suitable for under-age ;p

been a week dh sok sek sok sek idung n mate ni. sabau je la. YET, i LOVE to be sick ;p sebab, Dr. Hubby here with me ;p dlu, whenever sakit, on ur own la cr ubat, on ur own la picit2 n ur own jgk la tuam2 bdn kpale haaa. skrg dh lain dhhhhh. mkn ade org sedia, ubt org suap, pns org tuam etc2. gagagaga.

i'm in love :D!

sekian, harap maklum ;p

Friday, March 13, 2009

sah :P! Alhamdulillah :D

Assalamualaikum n selamat sejahtera! Hahahaha! been a while x tulis. well~~ bz la katekn :P
Let’s start with few days before the wedding. Mak andam came to set up the stage 2 days before the day. The canopy ppl came a day after. So a day before event tu dh siap sume la :D later that nite, mama accompanied me to spa. (ye la, ade bdk 2 suh p lembutkan kulit ;p and berinai skali)

The day has come :D Alhamdulillah, all went smoothly. The weather was good as well. We had selawat maulud nabi early in the morning then proceed with Aqad ceremony. It was a quick one! X sampai 15 min pun da whole session! Dengan sekali lafaz, Nik Nur Faeeza Nik Yusoff dengan ini, become a wife to Rosli Mohd. Ismail :D Alhamdulillah, yeayyy!!! Den sarung2 cincin n posim2 sume la. Kinda awkward since that was da first time holding his hands. (Guest even noticed his hands shaking ;p hahaha! ampoonnn ;p) Promise not to cry BUT once salam dgn mama, nangis jgk ;p (xthn sebak u~ syg mama sgt2 :D!!) These are some photos from friends :D credits2 :D

NOT TO FORGET. Thanksss a million to those who attended my BIG DAY :D! From Johor, KL, Kerteh, Gurun Kedah, Tronoh Perak, Bintulu etc2 and special thanks to teman2 yang fly all da way from Jakarta :D! gw terharu banget dan yang jelas, gw gak akan mungkin lupa kehadiran kalian ke Kota Bharu :D

My tips for those who plan to get married, banyak2kan solat hajat semoga di permudahkan segala urusan. And yes, it’s true for my case, thank you ALLAH :D

Majlis bersanding, to be continued…stay tuned~ ;p

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wedding Preparation: Part 4

Fuuh, packnye hr ni! since morning, I've been cleaning da house and later noon pegi kedai pulak ngan mama bought some left over stuff. lotih den~ tp xpeeee, enjoy doin it :D most important thin, spent da whole day wif mama syg :D maximize it to da fullest~! lps ni sure ssh nk berdue2 ngan mama mcm ni.. :( we had dinner @ Ayamas, KB Mall. while eating, i looked deeply into her eyes, talking to myself "kakak syg mama..kakak gonna miss mama, n kakak promise, kakak will always call mama like before, blk umah whenver i got time (pray hard...) and of kos, doakn mama like kakak always do and insyaALLAH will never forget it in evry of my prayer..." duhh, sebak tetibee...tsk..tskk~! but dat's da rule of karma rite ;)? just be positive, n be happy with it. kawin jee,bknnye kite buang fmly haa.cheeeersss faeeza! hilang seri nnt.heeeee ;p

Returning mode kawen~ hee. And yes, my wedding dress! jeng jeng jenggg! i HEARTTT it soooo muchhh!! will share it after kawen ye.otherwise basi la korg dh tgk dlu baju 2 ;p in short, xnyesal la spent duit utk baju 2 even kinda worry bout da dress b4 it siap kn ;p but now, feeel xtremly happy n just cant wait 4 da moment 2 come :D syukur2 :D

ok la, nk pengsan dh. im writting tis at two A.M, siang hr xde ;p i should sleep now.tata~

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm homeeeee:D !

Alhamdulillah, reached KB around 810am this morning! Mama picked me @ Sultan Ismail Airport n we dropped by at Mok Long's place since her house is nearby da airport je. heee. miss hometown so much! such different feeling when i'm in KB :D tenang g2~:D had yummy Nasi Berlauk as breakfast. Ohhh, siyeslyy i misss tis! hardly find it in KL :( if ade pun, xsedappp :( as always, once kat rumah Mok Long, surely drag till noon la. Yet its true. heee.

I flew home with Firefly today n it was my first experience using their services. Heard so many complaints bout it but still, eagerly wanna have it n do my own judgments with my own arguments & facts. (truk sgt ke fireflyz?) and herein the FACTS bout FireFly:

1. It is WRONG AT ALL if ppl says Firefly is $%^&*#! cuz its perfectly fine with me! We departed EXACTLY on time, (depart tau bknny br on-board) and LANDED pun as per schedule! NOT even a minute delay pn! isn't that good enuf??

2. They served foods and drinks toooo. If AirAsia, suree kne byr kn2? But Firefly, even for short distance pn, still serve mango juice n muffin. ok wat :D???

3. The fleet, ATR 72′ are quiet, they flew at a ceiling of 15,000 feet which was not very high. So you'll feel lesser jolts and jerking during the trip. xde la neves sgt whenever berlanggar dgn awan. (Aside frm good weather -24'c-that made my flight more comfortable, Alhamdulillah :D)

4. Subang airport is fully renovated (still got some constructions) n sooo convenience :D suke2!!
Indeed, very inevitably good point bout Subang airport is, its only few minutes from USJ and no need to pay toll to get there. So i saved a lot :D

All in all, i would foresee, Sime Darby FireFly can go further and even beat AirAsia for certain, IF AND ONLY IF, they maintain these good reputations and services. Keep it up FireFly :D !! thumbs up for you guys and thanksss a million for flying me safely~ :D It is my pleasure flying with you. till we meet again~~:D

ATR 72-500

Capacity : Seating - 72 pax, Crew - 2 x Pilot & 2 x Cabin Crew
Length: 27.16 metres
Wing Span: 27.05 metres
Height: 7.65 metres
Wing Area : 61 sq metres
Empty Wight: 13,200 kg
Max Takeoff Weight: 22,800 kg
Max zero Fuel Weight: 22,800 kg

Monday, March 2, 2009

mohon perhatian ;p

6days left!!! counting2~ heee.letih rupenye counting nihs.but its OK :D ni tgh packing all necessary stuff 2 bring back to KB. Also, I'm packing up my stuff in USJ cuz moving forward, I'll be in my new home, with new environment and of kos, di samping my-brand-new-soon-to-be-hubby :D

yet, sedih pun ade...I've been here for more than 1 year. sdih nak tinggalkn kak ja, n gonna miss our wiken shopping@mydin/carrefour/subang parade~

fiance "xpee, dkt je kn umah kak ja n umah kite.nanti kite sll blk cni ye.."
me"iyee?btl ni :D?xtpuu??"

yeayy!! so whenever rindu, i can always go back to USJ kan2 ;) (access granted-tahnia2,all access- gagaga)

ohhh, apart frm that, yesterday i received wedding card wishes, from my project teammates & together wif da pressie $$$ :P tankiu2!! Above all, I loveee da poem in that card~

The Best Is Yet To Be

On your joyful wedding day,
You begin a brand new life
Friends and family give their gifts
To joyful husband, blissful wife

But the greatest give u'll ever get
A gift from heaven above
Is love forever, ending never
Everlasting love.

Your wedding day is full of joy
Tomorrow you cannot see
But one thing's sure for the two of you
The Best is Yet to Be... ;)

so schweeetttt~~