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Thursday, April 30, 2009

kelim oh kelim

yes, kelim a.k.a "claim" but not kulim nor kelim baju ye ;p tis claim is referring to request or demand for payment in accordance with workers' compensation/ entitlement yang company bg la. For those working people, I believe most of us had an experience in claiming before rite? No matter la wat kind of claim. Mileage claim ka, medical claim ka etc2 la.

But what do you think on the claim exercise that we’ve done before? Are we claiming as per entitlement or we claim as per receipt / wat we’ve spent only? Err, x faham ek? Hehe. Macam ni, kate kan la, I got business trip to Motors Divsision, Glenmarie on 28th Apr and as an employee, I am entitled to:

Mileage - 0.75 / km
Breakfast - RM15

OK, off to Glenmarie. Before that, isi tank RM10 dlu, then had nasi lemak for RM1.50. So in total, we spent ONLY RM11.50 (RM10 + RM1.50). Tapi kalo ikut kan entitlement:

Mileage: KL – Glenmarie – KL is 66KM. So, 0.75 x 66KM = RM49.50
Breakfast: RM15
Total RM64.5

So if we claim as per entitlement, we’ll get excess of RM53<-- byk tuuu!! wat duit~! (RM64.5 – RM11.50). Btl x? Having said that, we are actually claimed more than wat we’ve spent! Its memang x salah if u claim as per entitlement. But as for me, we should claim as per receipt cuz that wat we’ve spent. X sdap ati nak claim lebih2. dpt mileage claim tu pn dah lebih dr ckp dh. Breakfast tu xyah claim pn xpe. Different people mite have different view. No doubt and noted. But as for me, we have to be honest kan? Mmg la entitlement. Tapi, try kite fikir, kalo duit tu kite bg company wat investment (for sustainable futures as Sime Darby motto "Developing Sustainable Futures" kn ;p ) n plg pntg x rs bersalah sbb dpt duit yg sgt berlebih2-an. It’s only my view. Criticisms welcome ;) Well actually I had tis healthy conversation wif hubby n he against me! (>_<).
so wat's ur say??

Monday, April 27, 2009

step on weight scale

hahaha~ shiannn shiannn~~ believe it or not, hubby weighing himself day n nite n evrytime timbang, sure mengeluh: "haih, naik skilo lagi..". pastu stat la dialog harian die: “x ble jd nih. Kene stat exercise ni!”. den he will stat doin bicycle crunch la leg lift la. Yet, x smpai seminit dah pancit. hahaha. You made my day la lalings~.

Mau nye x naik. Mkn sikit punye banyak (weeoo??sikit tp byk??) hubby shayam, tis has nothin to do wif me ek ;p honey msk jee. den whenever ade ns or lauk x hbs, he gonna say, kesian x hbs. End up die yg mkn. Hahaha.

No worries abe, I’ll make sure you’ll get enough and healthy food ya. Ok pe, mane ade gumuk. Mkn byk xpe, as long as sht, arrasso ;)??

Moral of the story: sorok scale ye ;p alternatively, you may adjust the number on the scale ;p

Saturday, April 18, 2009

School Life Memoirs – Tagged by Harith

1) Which school is memorable: primary or secondary?
• Both was FUN and ENJOYABLE :D! and each got their own memoirs~ Briefly I went to:

Tadika Tengku Anis <--harith, kite tadika yg sm! Un-sangkereble! ms akak kat tadika ni dlu, akak menang tmpt ke-3 gigi tercantik kt pertandingan ape ntah! haha! siap msk paper lg ;p rs cam ade smpn lg paper ni ;p xingt dh. ABIM Al-Hikmah, Pengkalan Chepa: Standard 1- 3
SK Wakaf Stan: Standard 4 – 6
SMKA Naim Lilbanat: Form 1 -5

2) What kind of meal(s) or food that you like most at that school?
• Don’t have any actualy. But love to eat keropok lekor and sirap 20sen time rehat! Haha! Ohh, good old days~ lalalalala~

3) Which subjects you like and dislike most? Why?
• Like: Primary – paaling skeee subject BM :D Secondary – Arabic kot ;p gilakk aaa! Till dpt jd guru muda bhs arab tu~~ both dont have any specific reason.
• Dislike: Primary - none. If least pn wud b…..Kemahiran Hidup kot ;p ?sbb cikgu gelenya.hahaha. Secondary - Geography and History. Tapi dpt A1 gak ;p (nk jgkkk!) haha.

4) The worst punishment received and why?
• Ohhh, tis 1 shud b da 1 dat I won’t ever forget! Haha! Thr’s 1 day, after class, me n my frens straightway pegi cybercaf√© kat skolah la. Dat time mmg gilee MiRC la.ntah hape2 ;p haha. We rushed to da CC w/o realisg yg kami telah ter-kunci ustaz dlm class td! Really tot sume org dh kua tau! N to make it worst, ustaz did call us many times n we dint realize at all, yes, AT ALL, not even ONCE! Punye la marah ustaz tu. He got to ask sum1 else to unlock it. Da next day, ustaz asked us to come to his room. Ohh, free2 lecture series 2 3 jam ;p sbb mrh sgt, ustaz 2 ckp “kamu xkn dpt A utk bhs Arab time PMR nnt!” gulp! Terkesima kami! We apologize endless, n yet, ustaz stil couldn’t calm himself down. A day after tu, he called kami lagi, n he pulak yg apologize 4 saying so. He said, semalam die x dpt tdo cuz terklua kate2 tu. Plg mnyentuh hati, die kate, die syg kat kami.haha. n yes, I got A la for Arabic :D suc wonderful memories :D

5) Which date of school's life that bored you most?
• Neither primary nor secondary: D

6) The favourite teacher?
• Primary – Cikgu Maziah (class teacher)
• Secondary – Ustaz Wan Osman (ustaz yg syg kami! Haha!)

7) Items that you would never leave at school except pen, book, pensil case, etc?
• Sume tggl bwh meja ;p blk lenggang~! haha.

8) The feelings when the time to show your report cards to your parents?
• Happy! N dats da time whn I would ask for pizza or kfc ;p sure dptnye.haha!

9) Had you ever feel jealous when your friends got higher marks? What would you do?
Nope. Cuz they are my best friends :D either me or another two of my besties will get da highest marks. So we won’t jealos la. gilir2 dpt rank 1st. (haha! puyussss!) but those records didn’t repeat during secondary . I’m more towards co-Q dat time. Plus, kat Naim dh rmai bdk pndai.ngeh2.
10) What is you highest achievement during school's years?A lotttt! Tobat active glee time skolah dlu! (Another part harith will say, puyus aa kak faeeza ;p haa, pndai sgt suh jwb.haha!) tp since da Q ask for highest, so 1 je kne tls ;p Primary – Bendahari Pengawas. Secondary – Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar + PBSM Kawad Peringkat Kebangsaan

11) Miss the school's life?
Ohhhh lalalalal very muchoo~~!

12) I want to tag: left over since harith dah tag sume ;p
Puan Sarah
Kak Faizah

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Honeymoon, will always b in my heart ;)


Subhanallah, canteknyee awan :D
I’m back :D! best gleeee p honeymoon :D !!! Flew to Langkawi on 28th March and came back on 31st March. Yes, it is the MOST MEMORABLE vacation that I’ve ever had :D we stayed kat Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort. On the arrival @ hotel, hubby did few surprises. Schweeettt :D (sume hubby wat scheweet. Ape daaa~ ;p) ade honeymoon cake tauuu. Thanksss alott hubby! Pndainyeee suh org hotel sorok kek dlm fridge ye ;D

Later at nite, Abe asked me to get dress sbb he wana bring me sumwhere, for a dinner.

Hubby: “Honey pkai cantek2 ye mlm ni :D “
Honey: “nape??br je smpai hotel ni…”
Hubby: “cpt2, nnt tau laa :D”

Shuuuuu…weeewooweewooo…hubby drove me to Perdana Quay and stopped at Mare Blu, an Italian restaurant wic is only few minutes from our hotel.

Hubby: “OK, dh smpai daaa :D”
Honey: “Kite kt mn ni?”

Without answering me, hubby brought me in :D

Waiter: “En. Rosli?” (Waiter tu mcm tau2 je org yg nk msk kedai die tu En.Rosli.hehe)
Hubby: “ye sy :D”

Then waiter tu seat us kat tempat yg dh di hias indah dengan candle lite :D! speechless! Shayam tamkiuu!!!! Its candle lite dinner that I’ve been dreamg for ages :D! Canteekkk glee cuz facing ocean n angin2 sempoi bahasa~ plus, the weather was great! Alhamdulillah xhujan. Otherwise, xjd candle lite dinner. Hehe. Then we all mkn2 yg sgt sedap. For starter, we had - Sliced Veal "Tonnato" with Tuna Dressing, and Capers, main course - Sirloin Steak, Rosemary Potato, Tomato and Eggplant, Caponata and lastly for dessert - Ginger Infused Panna Cotta, Poach Pear and Mango Coulis. With the bacground music Titanic, Power of Love, Everythin I do I'll do it for u etc (byk lg lagu yg die psg) lagi laa terase lomatiknyeee ;p After dinner, we walked down to the seaside hand in hand :D lagoon yg dipenuhi dengan cruise2 yg mewah (Wish cud get 1 :( Dato’ Azhar owns one of it. Gilakk aa!). lomantik wa liou weii~~~ ;p

Sirloin Steak yg daaaappppppppp :D

Next day, early in the morning, had quick bfast @ Dayang café den off to Jetty. took 1hour to Pulau Payar. Out of 200 ppl, ONLY 3 couples je Malay. da rest sume foreigner.ish3. Snorkeling siyessslyyy besttt ever experience :D!!! den we fed baby shark (comel gleee) and pusing2 Pulau Payar yg teramat tantekkk :D! sebijik mcm dlm discovery channel 2. 1st time tgk real coral, landak laut, ikan2 yg bmcm2 kaler and of kosh nemoooo!! subhanallah :D! luasnyee alam ciptaan Tuhan ni. A must destination if u plan to go to Langkawi tau! Luckily hubby swimmer. So xtkt sket. Beberapa kali tertelan air masen.ngeh2. Seharian kat sane den petang br blk. Tired yet ENJOY TO DA FULLEST :D!!!

@ jetty point

Our platform

snorkeling beshhhhh :D!!!!!
my hero :D

ikan tantekk :D

Mlm je kami kua jln2 dengan bantuan Mr. GPS Garmin :D memang perfect timing la bli mende 2 ;p gagagga. Keesokan harinye, we went for Mangrove tour :D best!! Pegi fish farm, bat cave, legend cave, crocodile cave, eagle feeding, Tanjung Rhu yg sgt2 la putih pntainyeee (2008 Asia Award )and etc. pendek kate, keliling pulau la.smpai ke tengah laut! Even pegi kat bot nelayan tau! suprisingly, di tengah2 mangrove nye pulau 2, ade restoran thai yg sgt laa best! kt lua cam rumah papan nk runtuh je. msk dlm 2, fuyoooo~~ dgn airocndnye, pokok2 yg fresh.memang un-sangka-rable laaa!

Bahn Thai Restaurant

Bat Cave
Ocean kat Legand Cave/ Gua Cherita :D chantekkk!!!
Pjg pulak entry nehs ;p ok2, wil make it short ;p last day, pagi2 kami pusing2 hotel den pegi pantai kok :D den we went to cable car, padang mat sirat, pantai chenang and underwater world. Den singgah pasar malam @ kedawang b4 pegi airport. Believe it or not, 4 hari pegi Langkawi, I keep on asking hubby to find keropok lekor! Gilakkk aaa! NOOO, it’s not mengidam ok ;p Nite market kat Langkawi 7days a week tau! So hr2 kami pegi tp always smpai je dh ttp :( finally last day dpt jgk merasa kopok lekor kt Langkawi nye psr malam.gagagaga.

Pantai Kok
Berjaya Beach Resort yg sgt beshhh :D!!nk blk daaaa :'( Bye2 Berjaya Langkawi Resort :(

Cable car :D hubby cuak naik ni ;p
Underwater world. geliii python!!!!

oh yesss, another wajib nye mende, buy choclate kat pekan Kuah :D! memang murah gleeeee.borong sakan kami ;p

Enuf2, that’s all for the BEST HONEYMOON EVER :D! we leave Langkawi, and we bring back the memories :D! gonna misssss uu!!! Till we meet again yeee :D!!!

@ Langkawi International Airport

Hubby: "shh, jgn sedih eh honey, nnt ade rejeki kite dtg lg ye ;)"

Forever Love ;)