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Saturday, April 18, 2009

School Life Memoirs – Tagged by Harith

1) Which school is memorable: primary or secondary?
• Both was FUN and ENJOYABLE :D! and each got their own memoirs~ Briefly I went to:

Tadika Tengku Anis <--harith, kite tadika yg sm! Un-sangkereble! ms akak kat tadika ni dlu, akak menang tmpt ke-3 gigi tercantik kt pertandingan ape ntah! haha! siap msk paper lg ;p rs cam ade smpn lg paper ni ;p xingt dh. ABIM Al-Hikmah, Pengkalan Chepa: Standard 1- 3
SK Wakaf Stan: Standard 4 – 6
SMKA Naim Lilbanat: Form 1 -5

2) What kind of meal(s) or food that you like most at that school?
• Don’t have any actualy. But love to eat keropok lekor and sirap 20sen time rehat! Haha! Ohh, good old days~ lalalalala~

3) Which subjects you like and dislike most? Why?
• Like: Primary – paaling skeee subject BM :D Secondary – Arabic kot ;p gilakk aaa! Till dpt jd guru muda bhs arab tu~~ both dont have any specific reason.
• Dislike: Primary - none. If least pn wud b…..Kemahiran Hidup kot ;p ?sbb cikgu gelenya.hahaha. Secondary - Geography and History. Tapi dpt A1 gak ;p (nk jgkkk!) haha.

4) The worst punishment received and why?
• Ohhh, tis 1 shud b da 1 dat I won’t ever forget! Haha! Thr’s 1 day, after class, me n my frens straightway pegi cybercafé kat skolah la. Dat time mmg gilee MiRC la.ntah hape2 ;p haha. We rushed to da CC w/o realisg yg kami telah ter-kunci ustaz dlm class td! Really tot sume org dh kua tau! N to make it worst, ustaz did call us many times n we dint realize at all, yes, AT ALL, not even ONCE! Punye la marah ustaz tu. He got to ask sum1 else to unlock it. Da next day, ustaz asked us to come to his room. Ohh, free2 lecture series 2 3 jam ;p sbb mrh sgt, ustaz 2 ckp “kamu xkn dpt A utk bhs Arab time PMR nnt!” gulp! Terkesima kami! We apologize endless, n yet, ustaz stil couldn’t calm himself down. A day after tu, he called kami lagi, n he pulak yg apologize 4 saying so. He said, semalam die x dpt tdo cuz terklua kate2 tu. Plg mnyentuh hati, die kate, die syg kat kami.haha. n yes, I got A la for Arabic :D suc wonderful memories :D

5) Which date of school's life that bored you most?
• Neither primary nor secondary: D

6) The favourite teacher?
• Primary – Cikgu Maziah (class teacher)
• Secondary – Ustaz Wan Osman (ustaz yg syg kami! Haha!)

7) Items that you would never leave at school except pen, book, pensil case, etc?
• Sume tggl bwh meja ;p blk lenggang~! haha.

8) The feelings when the time to show your report cards to your parents?
• Happy! N dats da time whn I would ask for pizza or kfc ;p sure dptnye.haha!

9) Had you ever feel jealous when your friends got higher marks? What would you do?
Nope. Cuz they are my best friends :D either me or another two of my besties will get da highest marks. So we won’t jealos la. gilir2 dpt rank 1st. (haha! puyussss!) but those records didn’t repeat during secondary . I’m more towards co-Q dat time. Plus, kat Naim dh rmai bdk pndai.ngeh2.
10) What is you highest achievement during school's years?A lotttt! Tobat active glee time skolah dlu! (Another part harith will say, puyus aa kak faeeza ;p haa, pndai sgt suh jwb.haha!) tp since da Q ask for highest, so 1 je kne tls ;p Primary – Bendahari Pengawas. Secondary – Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar + PBSM Kawad Peringkat Kebangsaan

11) Miss the school's life?
Ohhhh lalalalal very muchoo~~!

12) I want to tag: left over since harith dah tag sume ;p
Puan Sarah
Kak Faizah


HARITH said...

hahaha...x ku expected y kite from same kindergarten..hahaha siot j bunyinya..hahaha

Ye..akak memang puyussss puyus puyusssss sgt..beruntung En rosli demo..hahaha

tu la lagho sgt ngan mirc tu...haha mesti bestkn dpt lecture free x berbayar n skip kelas utk 2-3 jam..hahaha

f a i z a h 's said...

Wah~ kena tag~! menarek neh ^_~

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

HARITH - bruntung tang mano 2 ;p?
ye laa, zmn mude2 dlu seh.haha.siyes aa klaka bl tringt.gagaga.rindu kat ustaz W.Osman :D

f a i z a h - sile wat ye kak ;p

en_me said...

sodeyy kann missing our old schooldays..