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Monday, March 2, 2009

mohon perhatian ;p

6days left!!! counting2~ heee.letih rupenye counting nihs.but its OK :D ni tgh packing all necessary stuff 2 bring back to KB. Also, I'm packing up my stuff in USJ cuz moving forward, I'll be in my new home, with new environment and of kos, di samping my-brand-new-soon-to-be-hubby :D

yet, sedih pun ade...I've been here for more than 1 year. sdih nak tinggalkn kak ja, n gonna miss our wiken shopping@mydin/carrefour/subang parade~

fiance "xpee, dkt je kn umah kak ja n umah kite.nanti kite sll blk cni ye.."
me"iyee?btl ni :D?xtpuu??"

yeayy!! so whenever rindu, i can always go back to USJ kan2 ;) (access granted-tahnia2,all access- gagaga)

ohhh, apart frm that, yesterday i received wedding card wishes, from my project teammates & together wif da pressie $$$ :P tankiu2!! Above all, I loveee da poem in that card~

The Best Is Yet To Be

On your joyful wedding day,
You begin a brand new life
Friends and family give their gifts
To joyful husband, blissful wife

But the greatest give u'll ever get
A gift from heaven above
Is love forever, ending never
Everlasting love.

Your wedding day is full of joy
Tomorrow you cannot see
But one thing's sure for the two of you
The Best is Yet to Be... ;)

so schweeetttt~~

1 comment:

HARITH said...

ngahaha..romentikkkk nyeeee

nk kena kahwin dulu a ni baru th ape y best to be tu..hahaha