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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm homeeeee:D !

Alhamdulillah, reached KB around 810am this morning! Mama picked me @ Sultan Ismail Airport n we dropped by at Mok Long's place since her house is nearby da airport je. heee. miss hometown so much! such different feeling when i'm in KB :D tenang g2~:D had yummy Nasi Berlauk as breakfast. Ohhh, siyeslyy i misss tis! hardly find it in KL :( if ade pun, xsedappp :( as always, once kat rumah Mok Long, surely drag till noon la. Yet its true. heee.

I flew home with Firefly today n it was my first experience using their services. Heard so many complaints bout it but still, eagerly wanna have it n do my own judgments with my own arguments & facts. (truk sgt ke fireflyz?) and herein the FACTS bout FireFly:

1. It is WRONG AT ALL if ppl says Firefly is $%^&*#! cuz its perfectly fine with me! We departed EXACTLY on time, (depart tau bknny br on-board) and LANDED pun as per schedule! NOT even a minute delay pn! isn't that good enuf??

2. They served foods and drinks toooo. If AirAsia, suree kne byr kn2? But Firefly, even for short distance pn, still serve mango juice n muffin. ok wat :D???

3. The fleet, ATR 72′ are quiet, they flew at a ceiling of 15,000 feet which was not very high. So you'll feel lesser jolts and jerking during the trip. xde la neves sgt whenever berlanggar dgn awan. (Aside frm good weather -24'c-that made my flight more comfortable, Alhamdulillah :D)

4. Subang airport is fully renovated (still got some constructions) n sooo convenience :D suke2!!
Indeed, very inevitably good point bout Subang airport is, its only few minutes from USJ and no need to pay toll to get there. So i saved a lot :D

All in all, i would foresee, Sime Darby FireFly can go further and even beat AirAsia for certain, IF AND ONLY IF, they maintain these good reputations and services. Keep it up FireFly :D !! thumbs up for you guys and thanksss a million for flying me safely~ :D It is my pleasure flying with you. till we meet again~~:D

ATR 72-500

Capacity : Seating - 72 pax, Crew - 2 x Pilot & 2 x Cabin Crew
Length: 27.16 metres
Wing Span: 27.05 metres
Height: 7.65 metres
Wing Area : 61 sq metres
Empty Wight: 13,200 kg
Max Takeoff Weight: 22,800 kg
Max zero Fuel Weight: 22,800 kg


HARITH said...

ni dh buat part time advertising k? hahaha

minta sponsor sor tiket tuk balik bekwoh demo~!

f a i z a h 's said...

see the thicker~!! 4days left...ehe...mesti da berbunga2 ati kan? da cuti ek? bgslah...bkl pengantin baru kena stay je kt umah dalam saat2 genting neh...ilang seri kata org2 sbnrnya bgs utk kita menenangkan minda dan jiwa...disamping bykkan ibadat, doa n zikir...sbb kita bakal memikul amanah yg besar kn? ; ) pesan utk diri sndiri pada masa akn dtg jua~! hrp sumenya akn berjalan dgn baek...take care~!

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

HARITH - Ho laaa.xdop pitis bankrup dh ;p! sng nk blk klate esk2 ;p

F a i z a h - Wsalam akak ;)! aah lg 4hr yeayyy!! blk umah bkn dk ilex kak.pnuh jadualnye! kms umah, khulu khilir bli brg ha.ngeh2.xpeee, lovee doin it :D! aminn, 2 laa, isau jgk kn.doakn sume nye slmt ek :D akak dtg tauu!!naik dgn wan sue ha.diorg btlk pg isnin.blk hr :D heee~

aNi said...

kawe kelik esok..tgg kawe d majlis demo...kawe bawok family skali...huhu

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

aNi- sleke2 :D xsbr dh ni!!