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Monday, June 29, 2009

visit to Carey Island

- 23rd June 2009 -

We (project working committee) had our project closing aka away day @ SD Plantation Academy, one of Sime Darby operating units in Carey Island, Klang valley. Briefly, the SD Human Resoursce Managemnt Syst. (platform: SAP HCM) project started in 2004 and i joined em in the middle of their project rollout. It was fun got to know people from divisions and operating units.

Departed from Sime Darby Business School around 730 am and second pick up at Kompleks Sime Darby, Energy Division. We had our bfast (nasi lemak ayam + milo + mineral water) and quick final meeting updates frm all divisions on our way to Carey Island which took nearly an hour.


Once arrived, so-called-our academy tourist guide brought us to Deer Farm and Herbal Farm. Break for lunch n prayer at their lounge n surau then we headed to biodiesel plant, Golden Jomalina @ Teluk Panglima Garang.

Herbal Farm

Deer Farm

lucu lucu lucu~ ;p

shanteekkkkk kaann~

I learnt alot during visits to Golden Jomalina. Now I know that Golden Jomalina is the sole provider for KFC cooking oil, McD, Milo and all Nestle products, Giant and Carrefor cooking oil (so plsss buy our cooking oil okaiii~ ;p cuz its cheaper wif higher quality. pls check their labels, 'Manufactured by: Golden Jomalina Food Industries'), Maggi, etc. too many~

ok la, dats all~mls dh ;p alhamdulilllah, arrived home around 530 ;)


en_me said...

shantekknyerrr.. jeliternyerrr.. ehehe

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

hahaha.munge 2 kn yg shantek jelite ;p