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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

why i blog – tagged by en_me

tag yang tertunggak sejak sekian lame ;p hopefuly hutang tag langsai hr ni ;)
so the question is, "why i blog"? Before i proceed, lets have a look on the statistic, how many people blog. According to Blogcount, In June 2003 they estimated that there were between 2.4 million to 2.9 million active blogs. So i believe, those bloggers got their own reason why they blog. I, personally created a blog because:

1. It is my interest and pleasure ;)!
2. I want to make it as a source of reference, for myself or probably to others (ade ke ;p?).
3. I want to keep my life journey (without having to spend on physical medium i.e diary) so that my future generation can read it (ank2 cucu ;p)
4. To share moments, get opinions & ideas with the rest of the readers (even x byk ;p).

short n sweet ;) ok, dah2, ble sambung kije ;)


y[o]n said...

oitt curi tulang haha!! :P

en_me said...

finally jawab TAG me yg itteww gakk.. thanx n muger2 kiter leh jadi rakan siber yg baik baik ghitewww.. salammm ramadhan akak faeeza ittewww

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

y[o]n - mane ade curik tulam mek ;p
en_me - haha.dasat ayt die.rkn siber~ salam ramadhan jgk utk en_me n fmly~

Mohd Hafizd said...

because of the baby~!!! the journey beginnn~