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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monthly cek up: 8.5 months :D

Sedar x sedar minggu ni insyaALLAH msk 9bln daaa :D excited! Xlameee daaa baby nk kua kam shayam :D makin kuat nendang baby ni haaa.hik2. Alhamdulillah, last two weeks nye cek up, Dr. Seri managed to capture baby nye face :D! “very challenging!”, that’s what Dr.Seri said when she tried to snap baby nye cute face.heeee. sooo happyyyy tgk baby kelip2 daaa mate dieeee. Jari jemari die runcim. Mcm papa die :D hik2. Seeing little ones inside makes me mo excited n impatient! Nnt korang pun akn rs mcm 2 jugakkk :P haha.

baby face :D ikut sape ;p ??

jari jemari die :D

Starting from tis week, the check up will be on weekly basis pulak.hehe.cuz doc need 2 monitor lagi kerap la. On the mother side (wic is me!), I should keep an eye on my weight since I almost reach the limit (average wight gain should be between 12-14kg ONLY throughout the pregnancy yee. Sile ambik perhatian ibu2 ;p) so da left over kg 4 my case now is 1kg ++. Berjayakah sy? Well, we shall c ;p

I’ve brought up few concerns during my last check up. Dh msk 9bln ni msti la isau psl nk beranak kan. My concern was about the pain-killer i.e epidural. According to Dr.Seri, there’s no proven fact saying that epidural brings significant side-effect to the mother. The backache is synonym to the pregnant woman. So either you take it or not, u’ll still have the backache if you don’t exercise and take care of yourself. (those yg ambik medicine, ble la quote ni ;p 50 sen caj royalty ;p) ding digeding ding ding :D! happy kn ble amik epidural :D?

“However…… doubt, everything is attached to a risk, sikit atau besar”, she added.
“Nonetheless, the delivery process shouldn’t be something yg traumatize”. She personally feels that, epidural is safe and it’s your choice to take it if you cannot tahan oredi :D

People who said you won’t feel anything if ambik epidural 2 xbtl actually. It can be switched on and off. If u wana feel how sakit beranak is, den the doctor will switch off da epidural 4 u 2 feel it. If xthn, den on balik. Canggih kannnn2 ;p ?hehe. Afterall, the choice is in your hand. Eceh ;p me? Ntah la..let see how it goes yeee. I would love to experience pain-killer-free during delivery..mcm org dlu2 beranak xtau la whether ble tahan ke x. Doakn smoga sy tabah n BERTAHAN yeee :D!

and yes, Salam Maal Hijrah smua :D! smoga tahun ni, lbh d perbanyakkn amal & taqwa, di murahkan rezeki & di permudahkan segala urusan, aminnn :D

p/s: Selamat Pengantin Baru utk my dearest Angoh & hubby, Jasa & Abg Faisal, Annie & partner, Kak Zakiah & partner, Abg Lutfi & partner and sume la yg kawen bln ni. maaf kalo kami x g wedg korg. bkn xnk g, tp keadaan x mngizinkn..dh sarat haa.hee. apepn, doa kami sntiase mengiri kalian :D All d a beshhh :D!!


Mohd Hafizd said...

hihi...tak sabar nk tgk baby baru nih...kalo kecik2 mse baru lahir tak best lagik...once dah 5month++ mesti dah bley gelak ketawa riang....

nnti balik kelate ler 2 bulan mse deliver??

lepas nih Aniwati plak nk kendong many babiesss~!! =)

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said... ble xbest pitya.da moment die exist dlm prt pun dh best ;D so evry moment count best yee ;D heee. dop, insyaALLAH deliver kl den after 10days mcm 2 br blk klate :D pasni annie, demo bile pulak ;p?ahaks.