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Friday, January 16, 2009

obses to beautiful ladiesss ;p

Urghh!! tension2!! ni malas nk kua jeng-jalan kalo hr jumaat. sure akan melekat utk bli baju!! cannot2. kne byk saving rite now.and if i do buy those, sureely kne lecture series by Ir.fiance cuz beli baju baru lagi. ampooonnn ;p

yes, i ammmmm obses to beautiful ladies! scary isnt it ;p?? but for certain, i am NOT lesbiann arassOo??dah ade fiance n soon-to-be-wifey kot ;p hee. its actualy obses to da way they put their clothes and shoes and accessories and hijab and etc. thinking of having my own muslimah boutique. i lyke my rempit~~ can ka ;p? sponsor plsss~~


y[o]n said...

testing2. hopefully lekat la comment ni huhu ;) ambo pn obses gok demo. ambo suke tgk model2 omputeh. bajet nk slim supo diorg hikhik! :P

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

hahaha.jadi2 ;p ehh, demo kam dh shlimm yon~ nk kurus staro mano nah ;p