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Sunday, January 11, 2009

rumah baru K.A.M.I ;)

Alhamdulillah, thank God, last Saturday we had Yaasin recitation at our new house, Puncak Jalil ;) Prior to that, fiance and his friends cleaned up the house and biase la had makan2 session a bit. hee. thanks to Abg. Afeeq for helping since early morning. And yes, those yang smapai lmbt, heee xpee, thanks to Ajoe and Kak Ja, Kak Yun, Mak Syam's famly and the rest of his friends, Abg Rahimi and sape tah lagi (x knl, ampoon ;p), thanks for comiinnngggg~~ ;)

Nih nak bukak cerite ni, many ask "how did you find such reasonable two-storey house?". From website, property agents and even survey on the road. Just name it, from ampang, dato' keramat, wangsa maju, gombak, selayang, kepong, segambut dalam & tengah, pj, kelana jaya, puchong, further up to sungai buloh, kelang, subang etc till bukit jalil! fuhhh~. In short, habis la jelajah kl & s'ngor. punya la nak cari heart-body-and-soul nye umah ;p takes couple of month la jugak. but worth it! nonetheless, my advice, you may hear opinion from others but PLEASE do view/ have a visit on that place cause mostly whatever you see on laman sesawang could be (some memang definitely!) different from reality. Annndddd, this is important, beforeee you sign any agreement, read carefully the T&C and double-triple confirm with the landlord / owner, the monthly rental should not change for a certain period (a year la normaly). betuull. kalo x rugi. ;)

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