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Friday, January 16, 2009

pemeriksaan ;p gagaga~

Yesterday we (me & fiance) went to Pusat Kesihatan Pulau Indah for HIV test. ngeh2. dub dab lub lab ;p once we arrived, we queued up at the counter. waited for a few minutes (memang kejap pun) , we went to da lab. takoootttt. fiance had it 1st (he is sooo relax! x acii!!). then come to my turn. ohhhh diriku buat2 tanya doc mcm2 so dat xtrase neves ;p teeettt, he clipped da finger! eh,siap dhh?? annnnddd xsakitt poonnn ;D legaaa!! hahaha. so, we are NEGATIVE :D Alhamdulillah :D

herein da pic-ta ;D

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