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Friday, February 20, 2009

Speech is like a river and silence is the ocean..

is it bad to be talkative...? somehow it comes 2 da wonder of my mind...

i've been google-ing wat exactly talkative means. so merriam-webster dictionary says, Talkative means "Full of Talk. May imply a readiness to engage in talk or a disposition to enjoy conversation". Agree? Hands up??How about be talkative in relationship..? I believe its memang WOMAN loves to talk kn..?n we loves to talk more than men does. wat to do?? There's a saying, "Speech is like a river and silence is the ocean." tapi river ade ikan keli, ocean ade ikan paus! ikan keli sedap di masak lemak cili padi n ikan paus ape class??!! (aaa Faeeza, sile kembali ke pangkal jln!!)

OK2 i'm back 2 da topic. In relationship, we tend to ask partner to listen to us MORE but how about the other party..?Are we realy listen to them..?This is the hardest part. to be fair-and-square-and-balance-and-sambung la sdr ;p its true, susahhh..... our brain is programmed complexly-differently. men are more simplified...we are more we tend to worry more, think more, talk more...chips-more-more-more...... when WOMAN talks more...doesnt mean 'menjawab' is just their lumrah of being woman...percaye la.. (percaya laaa..kasihmu lama tersulam~~~[off da backgrnd sound pls!]) In short, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. The author, John Gray says that his "Martians" and "Venusians" are only streotype and cannot be applied blindly to individuals.

Nonetheless, the key points are UNDERSTANDING and TOLERATE ;) and it takes time to be master in these tau! me myself stil fel like im dominating conversation when wif less talkative him n dearest close frensss.... *sigh* ammpooonnn yeeee. there's few factors lead to talkativity (me personally). one, cuz i'm heavy thinker! second, lorries of worries! *sigh*_*sigh* gud fren of mine told me not to worry to much n dont tink ke depan sgt. yeah, she's rite. mayb i shud learn how to adjust myself. NOT MAYBE, i have to...dont overrule even rule-of-karma is urs!

============= PROGRAM MYSELF IN VB==================
'This application applied to all variants in Faeeza

Sub CreateAndExportFaeeza()

Dim speech As string
Dim silence As string
Dim nFaeeza As newPerson
Dim FName As oldFaeeza
Dim fs

Application.FaeezaUpdating = True

On Error GoTo EndMacro:

Open FName For Output Access Write As #nFaeeza with more silence less speech

'Determine if the same Faeeza already exists
'If it does, DELETE it and CREATE a new one from scratch

Set fs = CreatePerson("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If fs.FileExists(FName) Then
Kill FName
End If

Close #FName

End Sub


f a i z a h 's said...

siap programkan diri sndiri gna VB tuh...mmg hebatlah programming faeeza!! ^_~

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

haha! puyusss aaa akak ni ;p! sj je tauuu!!

HARITH said...

itu a..programming siap..adeh..x th a nnt cam ne la anak2 kak robot kot? Ada dua rules cam dlm iRObOT..haha

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

haha.dopp eehh.ank2 ilex jah.ecehh.mak die jah xbtui sket ;p!

HARITH said...

huh? NGAKU JUA AKHIRNYA..kesian abe li nnt..byk nk kena betul tune balik smula..haha

alaa gambar skema..nnt nk hantar borang ke tok kodi lg..hahaha

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

tugas sorg suami mbetulkn tulang yg bengkok kn ;p haha!mn ado kawin wi gmbr wei lohh ;p

sms_topaz said...

hehe... tu la, siap ada programming tuu!
buku tu definitely very interesting...and surprisingly a lot of the facts and situations i can relate to =)

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

hahaha.yep2,u shud.go get 1 ;p but its memang tru WOMAN mcm 2 kn2 ;p gagaga~