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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wedding Preparation: Part 2

been a while didnt update weh ;p!

tik tok tik tok gagagagga ;) quick mr.time, hurry up plssss!!

Alhamdulillah, kartu undangan dah siaapp :D!! father decided to have simple card cuz x nak membazir, (ok, noted papa :( ..) thanksss to dearest dini (i know u r reading this ;)! ) for your support n help n melayan kerenah ur dearest fren ni! very much appreciated tau! even my wish didnt come true, yet, im grateful for what i have. bersyukur faeeza, bersyukur!

Yesterday went to rumah K.A.M.I and our schweet home almost complete ;)! happy to see those furnitures ie. bedroom, dining table, sofa, tv. da left over - kitchen, cuz no one is using da kitchen n fiance hanya tau msk air n megi ;p so tgu wife-to-be masuk, then only beli brg2 dpr.

lastly, sesape nak kad, sile bagi alamat yee. thanksss ;)!

off to work.ngantuk.jaga diri ye~ tata~
(mode: kawen ;p)

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